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Your challenges

& our solutions

Just twenty years ago, there was a limited number of software vendors.
Today, there are thousands of available options, with new software vendors/products coming online nearly every month!

-Some products are cloud-based and built on mega-platforms such as Dynamics or Salesforce.
-Some are particularly well-suited to specific provider types.
-Some offer a modularised approach where rostering/timesheeting can be considered a fully integrated module.
-Some provides extensive API integration with finance, payroll and other systems.
-Some are pitched at large providers with over 30,000 staff/users.
-Some focus on providing customer value-add by enabling a customer (and circle of support) portal.
-Some are very data-driven and future-focussed with predictive capability.
-Some will be brilliant at some things but not all things.

There is no single perfect Customer Relationship Management CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, Revenue Cycle Management RCM or Administration Management ADM.
And because start-ups and small to medium businesses are not usually tech-savvy and might not be qualified to assess various products for strategic business alignment. 

'Here is how POPUL8IT can help'

We work closely with you and your team, evaluate and assess your requirements using best practices frameworks and provide you with a detailed report and an execution roadmap.

Using the Consulting-As-A-services model, we will work closely with you and execute this vision with minimum cost and high revenue returns. 

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